Air filters the good and the bad

The Air filter is used in a car to send clean air to the combustion chamber. It is in this combustion chamber that the fuel mixes with the air and the combustion takes place. The more the oxygen the better the combustion and thus that translates into better performance, fuel efficiency and better emission rate. Keeping this in mind air filter manufacturers make their filters such that they are optimized for the job and only allow clean air (oxygen) to pass through.

Suction Strainer   Suction Strainer

There are many benefits of installing air filters that are effective; one of them being that more purified air and free air flow means better combustion. This tends to improve the engine life and strength so that its performance is at its peak. It is needless to mention that this also improves the fuel efficiency, increases the performances and makes for cleaner emission due to better fuel burning.

Air and Gas Filters

 Air and Gas Filters

The down side to having to replace an air filter is the cost. They tend to cost quite a bit. Many air filters also require regular maintenance and at times that means doing it yourself.

Oil Filter Elements Oil Filter Elements

Fluid Air Filter Systems is one company with a lot experience at providing good quality air filters. They not only design such air filters but also manufacturer them. We offer a wide range of air filters no matter how rare your requirement may be. In addition to that they also offer K&N air filters for certain requirements. But we offer K&N air filters at more competitive rates than the many other dealers. The air filters we manufacture are constructed using ultra strong shaped pliable rubber flanges that can be fitted in a jiffy. These filters are highly versatile and of very good quality. Our collection of air filters include pleated air filters, heap air filters, panel filters, fiesta air filters, intake filters, compressed air filters, heap filter air purifiers and many more.

We have a great many years of experience in this field and even provide the option of designing and developing air filters customized to your requirements.

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on 25 October, 2013