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air filter

8 Types of Air Filters and Their Importance

Each one of us wants that our family breathes clean air. We are ready to go that extra mile to keep the air quality in our homes excellent, and for this, we need to choose the right type of filter. What are the different types of filters that are available in the market? HEPA filter:… read more...

on 29 July, 2021

Are You Sure That You Have Got the Best Air Filter for Your Home?

Before buying an air filter, you should know the reasons why you need one. You may be allergic to pollen, dust, or mold. Bits of skin shed by furry animals, birds, or from our bodies also cause reactions in people who are sensitive to these things. The impurities are present in the air inside your… read more...

on 3 May, 2021

6 issues that you may face if you do not replace your air filter

The performance of the car can get affected by the air filter. It is important that the air filter is installed properly and maintained properly as this can affect the life of the engine. It will also help to decrease the emissions and will have an effect on the acceleration. Here are some of the… read more...

on 27 January, 2021

Signs that will alert you about your sick fuel filter

Fuel filters are a very crucial component found in all vehicles equipped with internal combustion engines. Their work is to simply clean the oil before it reaches the engine, but this dirty job can lead to debris build-up in the engine sometimes, and when yours become clogged, it starts sending you alerts about its worsening… read more...

on 1 January, 2021

What Can Happen If you don’t replace your Air Filter frequently?

Most of the people are in the habit if using same old thing until it becomes dead. This concept of using something till it becomes useless is good for many things but for an air filter it is not recommended. An air filter comes with a limited life span and after its completion the user… read more...

on 23 December, 2020