HEPA Filters

HEPA Filter

Important Aspects of HEPA Filters That One Must Know

While buying an air conditioner or air purifier, or vacuum, many of us consider buying one that has High-efficiency particulate air filter. It is important that you know the important details about this type of filter so that you can make the right decision while buying the different products like air purifiers etc. First, Understand… read more...

on 28 July, 2021

Are You Sure That You Have Got the Best Air Filter for Your Home?

Before buying an air filter, you should know the reasons why you need one. You may be allergic to pollen, dust, or mold. Bits of skin shed by furry animals, birds, or from our bodies also cause reactions in people who are sensitive to these things. The impurities are present in the air inside your… read more...

on 3 May, 2021

Take a look at the pros and cons of HEPA Filter Air Purifiers

If you wish to have the best air quality in your home and office premises, then you need to use HEPA air purifiers. These purifiers remove 99.7% of particles from the air with particle sizes bigger than 0.3 microns. But along with advantages, HEPA filters are found to have certain disadvantages as well. First, let… read more...

on 18 March, 2021

Understanding the importance of HEPA filters

If your requirement is high-quality air, then you must make use of HEPA filters. These high-quality filters are said to be capable of removing 99.97% of particles. The important point to be noted here is that they can remove particles of 0.003 microns. Here are some reasons that prove the importance of HEPA filters: HEPA… read more...

on 18 March, 2021

An insight into important details about HEPA filters

The history of HEPA filters dates back to the Second World War. In 1983 the HEPA standard and certification process was established. Let us understand the important aspects of HEPA filters. First of all, what is HEPA? We are sure you want to know the full form of HEPA. The full form of this mechanical… read more...

on 27 January, 2021