Hydraulic Filters – What Are They and What Do They Do?

A hydraulic system consists of hydraulic filters. In fact filters are an important part of hydraulic systems; they are capable of removing the metal particles that are continually produced by mechanical components and have the potential of harming or permanently damaging the hydraulic system.

Bag Filters:

Bag Filter

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The bag filters are the most common type of filters. It utilizes a cloth or synthetic material bag that the hydraulic fluid is pushed through. All the solid contaminants are not allowed through via this filter. It is commonly found in car and trucks and are usually quite economical as well.

Screen Filters:

Screen Filter

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These filters are similar to the bag filters except that it utilizes very fine wires. These wires are woven together like fabric to create a metallic cloth. The reason being that wires are being used instead of cloth thus the engineers can’t make the fire as porous as job requires.

Magnetic Filters: 

Magnetic Filters

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The Magnetic filter are specially used with specially charged plates that are charged. Almost any type of metals or unwanted material trapped in the fluid will be picked up and held by this type of filter. The disadvantage being that it does not prevent dirt and other non metallic particles from contaminating the fluid.

How hydraulic filters work:

Filter Construction

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Filters are an important for any hydraulic system to function properly. During the running of the hydraulic system which consists of several metal elements; many metal particles are continually produced by mechanical components which contaminate the system. Thus these particles along with many other contaminants need to be removed. Thus hydraulic filters are usually placed at strategic locations  like between the reservoir and the pump intake, or between pump and the control valves or just before the return line enters the reservoir.

These filters play an important role in filtering out many contaminants thus protecting the hydraulic system. The hydraulic system would be badly damaged if such contaminants and metal particles entered the system and could even greatly shorten its life.

Why machine required hydraulic filters?

Hydraulic filters have many different applications. For example they are used in the brakes of your car. When the brake is pressed the hydraulic fluid is pressed down into the piston which moves them. The moving of the piston causes the force on the brake pads which applies the brakes on the car. Thus if the hydraulic fluid leaks or is contaminated the brakes tend to be less effective.

This is an everyday example although if you apply the same principal in large industries the damage could be much severe.

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on 16 January, 2014