Importance of Hydraulic Filters for Hydraulic Systems

Filtering contaminants is necessary and significant procedure in vehicles and equipments. Like how vehicles need fuel filters to ensure contaminant filtration of fuel, big vehicles and equipment needs filters to Hydraulics. The Hydraulics systems are vital part of heavy vehicles such as excavators and diggers and besides, the filtration of these systems is important to preserve the performance of the vehicles. Hydraulic systems are employed for many different applications including forklifts, tractors, earth moving machineries, lorries, forestation machines and mobile cranes.

Hydraulic FilterHydraulic Filter

Besides the above, Hydraulic systems are also used in marine equipments such as ship engines and off shore machines like mining equipment, saw mills and the paper and steel industries. Moreover, they have a variety of applications. The major cause of failure in hydraulic system is because of fuel contamination. Different shapes and sizes are available in Hydraulic systems in simple as well as complex designs. These systems need protection from harmful contaminants such as abrasive particles that can enter into the system if it is not equipped with Hydraulic filters.

Hydraulic FilterHydraulic Filter

Unfiltered system is prone to harmful damage to its sensitive components such as valves, pumps and motors. The Hydraulic filters throw out these particles from the oil flow and prevent premature component damage and failure. Trustworthy filtration protection is becoming vital because the sophistication of hydraulic systems increases. A large number of various contaminants can cause different problems within hydraulic systems. These contaminants can include dirt, dust, small fibers, rust, paint chips and other small things. They can also include metal wear and unnecessary additives such as zinc, aluminium, copper, iron and a variety of other metals.

Hydraulic Filters


Hydraulic Filter


In addition to the above, there can also be biological contaminants that are generally found in high water based fluids. Non-filtration of these contaminants can cause the components to wear, damage and finally lead to system failure. Since the filtration process is very important, it is vital that the filter being employed is suitable to the system in order to ensure that the process is taking place at optimal performance. There are many different factors to be taken into account when buying a hydraulic oil filter. The type of oil, viscosity of the oil, pressure, temperature and flow of the system should be taken into consideration.

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on 30 October, 2013