6 issues that you may face if you do not replace your air filter

The performance of the car can get affected by the air filter. It is important that the air filter is installed properly and maintained properly as this can affect the life of the engine. It will also help to decrease the emissions and will have an effect on the acceleration.

Here are some of the potential problems that you might face if you do not replace
your air filter:

You will hear strange engine noises:

When the car is not in motion, the vibrations of the engine have to be smooth; if you hear strange noises from the engine, then it means that the airflow that the engine is receiving is not proper. This can happen when the air filter is not clean. A clogged air
filter can result in this type of issue. When the airflow is less, the air-fuel ratio gets affected, and this results in black residue, which covers the spark plugs. The noise arises from these spark plugs.

There will decrease the performance of the engine:

The performance of the engine also gets affected adversely if the air filters are not clean. You will find that the car will not give a proper response and will be slow when you press the accelerator.

The fuel economy will be affected adversely:

A clogged air filter is affecting the airflow, and this will bring down the oxygen in the mixture. This is compensated by the engine by making use of more fuel to attain a certain speed or to go to a particular distance. It must be noted that in the case of a clean
filter, the fuel required to attain the same speed and move to the same distance will beless.

Subject to general Wear and Tear:

If the filter is not cleaned at regular intervals and if it gets damaged, then the dirt canenter the engine. This dirt and grit are harmful to the walls of the cylinder and to the bearings. The wear and tear will bring down the performance of the engine, and over a
period of time, the engine will stop completely.

Be ready for the black smoke or flames in the exhaust:

The engine will run on a mixture that has more fuel if the air supply is not proper due to the clogging of the filter. The combustion of the fuel will not be complete, and as a result, it will leave the exhaust in the form of black smoke. The heat in the exhaust can also
result in the ignition of the unburnt fuel, and this can result in flames in the exhaust.

It will allow dirt and filth:

The clogged air filters will not perform their function properly. This will result in dirt and filth, which can have an adverse effect on your vehicle.

As you can see, the clogged and dirty air filters can have several adverse effects on your car engine. Therefore, make sure that you replace the damaged and dirty air filters on priority.

on 27 January, 2021