Signs that will alert you about your sick fuel filter

Fuel filters are a very crucial component found in all vehicles equipped with internal combustion engines. Their work is to simply clean the oil before it reaches the engine, but this dirty job can lead to debris build-up in the engine
sometimes, and when yours become clogged, it starts sending you alerts about its worsening health.

Here are signs that might indicate your filter’s bad health: —

Difficult to start
If you are facing difficulties in starting your vehicle, then it could be a sign of a choked fuel filter. Because mostly a dirty fuel filter leads to ignition difficulty, whereas a fully choked filter will lead to a system break down, and the engine
won’t start at all.

Shaky engine idling
If you're waiting at a stoplight and the engine starts feeling a little herky-jerky, then this could mean your fuel-flow system is facing some hindrance while processing, and there is a possibility that a clogged filter is causing that to

Engine Misfires/Low Performance
Sometimes, the engine might misfire owing to a weakened fuel filter. A quick cleaning will help in such situations, but you might need a major overhaul as well. Also, you might need a new filter if fuel efficiency begins to suffer or the
engine starts acting abnormally/erratically.

Struggle at low speeds
If your engine seems to be receiving fuel efficiently while on the highway, but then seems all shaky while driving on the city road with moderate traffic, then this could be another sign of your filter's bad health.

A decrease in Power and Acceleration
A dirty fuel filter can cause an overall lack of engine power, especially noticeable when accelerating. To protect the engine from potentially
damaging particles, the engine's computer ends up limiting the performance. The vehicle can feel slow or even go into limp mode and illuminate the light of the Check Engine.

Strong odors coming from the exhaust system 
If you start noticing some weird smells coming from your vehicle, this is an indication suggesting some internal problems with one of the vehicle's components. Some of these issues could be easy to repair, while others may be
more complex and may result in significant damage to the vehicle. While that odor can be related to multiple causes, a congested filter might
result in potent bad fumes being emitted by the exhaust. Whatever may be the cause of these odors, it is always recommended not to ignore this grave sign of malfunctioning, always consult a professional mechanic in such situations.

Note: You can carry out a fast quality check on the fuel filter even without these symptoms by removing and blowing it into it. It is good to go if air passes in. If not, it needs to be replaced.

While it is possible to drive your car with a partially clogged filter for a time being, it can result in significant engine failure if ignored for a long time. Therefore, if you suspect anything wrong with your fuel filter, immediately
take it to a professional mechanic. to prevent any further complications in the vehicle that might cost you a lot of time and money.

on 1 January, 2021