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8 Types of Air Filters and Their Importance

Each one of us wants that our family breathes clean air. We are ready to go that extra mile to keep the air quality in our homes excellent, and for this, we need to choose the right type of filter. What are the different types of filters that are available in the market? HEPA filter:

High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are capable of removing 99.97 % particles from the air. They have the capacity to remove particles that are as small as 0.3 microns. They can remove pollutants, allergens, dust, mold spores, etc., from the air.

But to get the best results, you have to make sure that you buy a HEPA filter that has high efficiency. Ideally, you must go for the MERV rating, which is between 16 to 18. These are affordable air filters which you will have to change after every few years.

UV filters: In these types of filters, bacteria and viruses are killed with the help of short-wave ultraviolet light. Germicidal radiation is used for disinfecting the air.

You will get very good indoor air quality with the help of these filters, and they help to prevent respiratory diseases. But these filters are effective in removing dust and certain allergens. Therefore, these filters are part of filtration systems that have HEPA filters.

Electrostatic filters: In this case, static is created with the help of cotton and paper fibers. This static will attract dust and other particles in the air. There are 2 types of electrostatic filters, and they are disposable and reusable.

Reusable filters are cost-effective, and you can improve the air quality, but these filters may not be able to manage the larger particles and may not be effective for those who are suffering from diseases pertaining to the respiratory system.

Washable filters: Reusable filters will always be one of the most cost-effective options, and washable filters fall under this category. These washable filters are also environment friendly. The initial cost of these filters is very high, but one can use them for many days, and hence ultimately, you end up saving money.

But you need to ensure that you follow all the maintenance instructions and maintain it well so that you get the best air quality by using these washable filters.

Media filters: Media filters are found to have the efficiency which can be compared with filters that have high MERV value. The surface area in media filters is more, it avoids static pressure, and the filtration with the help of these filters has high efficiency. These media filters are a robust, cost-effective option for removing airborne pollutants of small size.

However, these filters cannot remove odor, and the installation has to be done by professionals as they are not very easy to install.

Spun Glass filters: These filters are made by spinning fiberglass strands. These spun glass filters are a cost-effective option, and they are best for air conditioners. These disposable filters protect the air conditioner from debris. These filters can capture only a few pollutants and allergens and are not very effective in improving air quality.So, those who want a filter that will improve indoor air quality should not opt for this filter. These are the cheapest air filters, but they are not effective in capturing the smaller air pollutants.

Pleated filters:

In the case of pleated filters, polyester fabric or cotton folds are used, and the MERV rating is these filters is between 5 and 13. These filters are suitable for filtering dust and certain airborne pollutants.

The pleats in this type of filter give more surface area, and hence they carry out the filtration more effectively. These pleated filters that are manufactured by the best air purifier filter manufacturers have a long life, and they can be recycled.

Carbon Filters: In this type of filter, activated carbon is used to remove the particles and odor. This filter will remove the odors and gases and will neutralize them. If chemicals have to be removed from the air, then these activated carbon filters are found to be very useful.

Conclusion: If you want the indoor air quality to be the best, you have to choose the best filter that will remove the allergens and pollutants, and odors. In certain HVAC systems combination of different types of filters is used to get better results. While choosing the filter, one needs to make sure that the efficiency of the filter in removing the pollutants is high, and it must also be cost- effective.

HEPA filters are one of the best filters with high efficiency, but one needs to choose a filter with a higher MERV value as these are more efficient than the filters with lower MERV values.

on 29 July, 2021