What Can Happen If you don’t replace your Air Filter frequently?

Most of the people are in the habit if using same old thing until it becomes dead. This concept of using something till it becomes useless is good for many things but for an air filter it is not recommended. An air filter comes with a limited life span and after its completion the user must change it.

Many users hesitate to change the air filter of their car as according to them it works fine but in reality after a certain period the air filter stopped working. In fact if you will not change it for a longer period, it will start creating issues for you. If you are also not sure why you should change the air filter of your car then let’s find out the issues the old air filter can create.

What are the issues an old air filter can create?

  • Energy Consumption Can Increase

An old air filter gets blocked with the dirt and for engines it becomes difficult to get air. To get air and less gas the engine has to do more work hence energy consumption increases. An old air filter can force your engine to put extra efforts in search of air. So it’s better to change it rather than stuck with the old one.

  • Clamped-Up Coils

A faulty engine is the biggest reason behind an out of order coil. If coils stop working the car refuses to start. In many cases the main culprit behind a clamed-up coil is old and dusty air filter. The blocked air filter doesn’t let the air to pass in for the engine. The engine gets the gases that increase its temperature and as a result the ignition coil gets failed.

  • Temperature Regulation Will be Poor

Air filter helps the engines to get fresh air so it will cool down. The temperature of engines gets high when it is in use. Air filter let the air flow to the engine so that it gets the cooling. If you will not change the air filter after a particular time the engine will not get the required cooling. So it is a must to change the air filter to regulate the engine temperature.

  • Decreases fuel efficiency

As we have stated above that the main function of an air filter is to offer air to the engine. When a car runs the engine release different gases. The temperature of these gases is high that make serious effects on car. An old car filter doesn’t offer this facility to car engine hence it doesn’t cool down. A hot car engine needs fuel to cool down and run hence the fuel efficiency of your vehicle gets decreased.

  • Could lead to respiratory diseases, heart disease, or cancer.

The air filter let the clean air flow towards the engine and cleans the poisonous gas it releases. An old air filter keep the gases in the engine and don’t let them vanished in the air. The gases are bad for the driver’s and passengers’ health. At last they flow to the car which can cause many dangerous diseases.

on 23 December, 2020